Suspended License

Is your driver’s license suspended? If so, there may be ways to get those suspensions resolved and get back to driving legally again. 

Driver’s in Indiana can find that their license to drive can be suspended for a variety of reasons. Whether it was forgetting to pay a single traffic ticket, not having valid insurance at the time of an accident (even if it was not your fault), or you just had one too many serious driving offenses and now find yourself with the Habitual Traffic Violator designation that the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles assigns in certain cases.  

It is almost cliche to say that each case is unique, but when it comes to fixing a suspended driver’s license that is very much true. The fix could be as simple as negotiating with the prosecutor to resolve a couple of unpaid tickets that you neglected over the years; or it could be a scenario where we are working to resolve thousands of dollars in reinstatement fees while at the same time seeking a Specialized Driving Privilege on your behalf. Regardless of the suspension, there is a path to driving legally for most people. 

My approach to individuals when it comes to fixing license cases is to sit down with you one on one and go over your driving record with you. Here I can explain to you how long it will take to get things accomplished, what you will have to pay in terms of attorney fees, court costs, fines, etc., and ultimately what outcome you should expect to see. I do charge a small consultation fee for these types of cases ($25) as I have to obtain your driving record before we meet to discuss your situation. 

If you are interested in seeing how I can help you, give me a call at (574) 387-6529.